Fractal Design Node 804

Max cooler height: 160 mm

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Our case compatibility list helps you to quickly identify which PC cases offer sufficient clearance for which Noctua CPU coolers. The compatibility indication is based on the height of the coolers (including fans) as well as the maximum CPU cooler height specification given by the chassis manufacturer.

Caution: Please note that the fans of some tower coolers (especially larger models with 140mm fans, e.g. NH-D15 or NH-U14S TR4-SP3) may overhang the RAM slots and that this can cause compatibility issues if RAM modules taller than 32mm are used. While the fans can be moved upwards to increase RAM clearance, this will increase the total height of the cooler and thus requires additional clearance inside the chassis. As a rule of thumb, if the fan overhangs the RAM, the maximum CPU cooler height specification of the case must be at least the size of the fan plus the height of the RAM minus 7mm (accounting for the height of the socket and CPU). For example, if a cooler uses a 140mm fan that overhangs the RAM and 46mm tall RAM modules are used, the max. CPU cooler height specification should be at least 179mm (140+46-7=179). For further information and instructions on how to move up the fan for each cooler model, please click the height specification link.

We create and update our compatibility lists with utmost care. However, case manufacturers sometimes change parts or details of their products without prior notice or explicitly indicating a revision. Therefore, Noctua cannot accept any liability, nor in any other way be held responsible, for the following compatibility information.

ModelCooler HeightCompatibleComments
NH-C14S115 / 142 mm
NH-D12L145 mm
NH-D12L chromax.black145 mm
NH-D15168 mm
Insufficient clearance
NH-D15 chromax.black168 mm
Insufficient clearance
NH-D15S160 mm
NH-D15S chromax.black160 mm
NH-D9 AMP-4926 4U134 mm
NH-D9 DX-4189 4U134 mm
NH-D9 DX-4677 4U134 mm
NH-D9 TR5-SP6 4U134 mm
NH-D9L110 mm
NH-D9L chromax.black110 mm
NH-L12 Ghost S1 Edition66 mm
NH-L12S70 / 86 mm
NH-L9a-AM437 mm
NH-L9a-AM4 chromax.black37 mm
NH-L9a-AM537 mm
NH-L9a-AM5 chromax.black37 mm
NH-L9i37 mm
NH-L9i chromax.black37 mm
NH-L9i-17xx37 mm
NH-L9i-17xx chromax.black37 mm
NH-L9x6565 mm
NH-L9x65 chromax.black65 mm
NH-P1158 mm
Case is not suitable for passive cooling in general.
NH-U12A158 mm
NH-U12A chromax.black158 mm
NH-U12S158 mm
NH-U12S DX-4189158 mm
NH-U12S DX-4677158 mm
NH-U12S TR4-SP3158 mm
NH-U12S chromax.black158 mm
NH-U12S redux158 mm
NH-U14S165 mm
Insufficient clearance
NH-U14S AMP-4926165 mm
Insufficient clearance
NH-U14S DX-4189165 mm
Insufficient clearance
NH-U14S DX-4677165 mm
Insufficient clearance
NH-U14S TR4-SP3165 mm
Insufficient clearance
NH-U14S TR5-SP6165 mm
Insufficient clearance
NH-U9 DX-4189125 mm
NH-U9 DX-4677125 mm
NH-U9 TR4-SP3125 mm
NH-U9S125 mm
NH-U9S chromax.black125 mm

Discontinued coolers

ModelCooler HeightCompatibleComments
NH-C12P114 mm
NH-C12P SE14114 mm
NH-C14105 / 130 mm
NH-D14160 mm
NH-D14 SE2011160 mm
NH-D15 SE-AM4168 mm
Insufficient clearance
NH-D9 DX-3647 4U134 mm
NH-D9DX i4 3U110 mm
NH-L1266 / 93 mm
NH-L9a37 mm
NH-L9x65 SE-AM465 mm
NH-U12155 mm
NH-U12DO155 mm
NH-U12DO A3158 mm
NH-U12DX155 mm
NH-U12DX 1366155 mm
NH-U12DX i4158 mm
NH-U12F155 mm
NH-U12P158 mm
NH-U12P SE1366158 mm
NH-U12P SE2158 mm
NH-U12S DX-3647158 mm
NH-U12S SE-AM4158 mm
NH-U14S DX-3647165 mm
Insufficient clearance
NH-U9128 mm
NH-U9B125 mm
NH-U9B SE2125 mm
NH-U9DO122 mm
NH-U9DO A3125 mm
NH-U9DX122 mm
NH-U9DX 1366122 mm
NH-U9DX i4125 mm
NH-U9F128 mm